Monday, October 22, 2012

The blog

It is with Regret and sadness I will close this blog on Sunday, October 28,2012. I might change it to a Club Penguin blog but most likely it will be a PD Memory Blog


Its ghost day!!!

Hello my friends!

This may be the last week of Pandanda, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Let's give each day a special theme this week!

Today is Ghost Potion Day. Visit Paige in Bear Hollow to buy up lots of her Haunted Potions, then drink one to turn yourself into a ghost. You can even drink a Dragon Tears potion to become a huge ghost, or a Mouse Hair potion to become a tiny ghost!

Then get all of your ghostly friends together and haunt Pandanda! Take a crowd of ghosts to Darby Field to catch Bunnies. And see if you can catch ghosts at Misty Hill while you are a ghost yourself. Just stay away from the Blue Ghosts, because if they trap you in ice, they will take away your potion!

For tomorrow, stock up on the Dragon Tears potion, because Tuesday will be HUGE DAY! Giant Pandanda citizens stomping all over Pandanda Land!

I'll let you know what the rest of the themes will be tomorrow. Enjoy spending time with your friends, and have fun!

PD Might not close? Look at what Henry said "This may be the last week of Pandanda" So we might get lucky who knows. I will die if PD closes

Bye Bye PD :(

My dear Panda Pals,

It is with great sadness that I must announce the closure of  Pandanda, as of Sunday, October 28th 2012. Pandanda has been a labor of love for me and the Pandanda Team, and we are deeply saddened that due to financial reasons, we can no longer sustain ongoing development.

Over the past four years we have grown an amazing community and we will miss you all. Your enthusiasm and creativity has been such a joy to everyone on the Pandanda Team. Thank you to our loyal fans and members for all of your love and support over the years.

I know that many of you will be sad, disappointed, and even angry at this news. Those are normal and ok feelings to have. But I hope you all will use this final week of Pandanda to hang out with your friends and focus on the fun and excitement you've shared here. Talk and laugh about your favorite memories, take some pictures with your Pandanda friends in your favorite locations, and remember all of the good times!

I am going to set up some Pandanda Memories Pages here on my Blog. If you want to write down some of your favorite Pandanda memories and send them to me, I will add as many as I can to the Pandanda Memories pages. We will only be able to post memories in English, so if you write in another language, please translate to English before you send them. You can also send screenshots of you and your friends having a great time! Please send memories and pictures to

October 27th will still be Free Elite Member Day, so everyone will be able to decorate their treehouses and have friends over, and buy and wear Elite clothes for one last time.

In addition to Free Elite Member Day, we hope you will join us for one last party on Saturday, October 27th to celebrate how awesome it has been to be a panda and to say farewell one last time. I will let you know more details about the party later in the week, but you can expect to see me, Sheriff Steele, and maybe even some other Pandanda friends that haven't visited in a while!

I am so sad bye for now


Friday, October 12, 2012

Orange Panda Day

Hooray, Orange Panda Day is here again! Let's turn Pandanda as orange as a Halloween jack-o-lantern by wearing orange Panda Paint and dressing in as much orange as we can get on our furry panda selves! Everyone can buy orange Panda Paint from Fitch at the Clothing Co. on East Market Street.

Orange Panda Day is a great way to start getting yourself ready for the fun of the Pumpkin Festival, which begins next Wednesday, October 17th. During the Pumpkin Festival, Halloween Candy will be scattered all over Pandanda Land for you to collect and trade for super Pumpkin Fest prizes.

During the Pumpkin Festival you can also look forward to some other awesome events:
  • October 22nd - Ghost Potion Day
  • October 24th  - Pandanda's 3rd Anniversary 
  • October 27th - Free Elite Member Dy
  • October 30th - Costume Day
  • October 31st - Halloween
But today, I want to see you and your friends having lots of orange fun!  You can send me pictures of you and your friends celebrating Orange Panda Day. If you take a bunch of pictures, choose just one, or make a collage of photos into one image, then send it to me at, with Orange Panda Day in the subject line. Make sure to include your panda name in your email. I'll post some here on my blog, and put them all into a Facebook album.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Follow the arrow

Oooooooh, we are so close to the end of the Follow That Arrow Contest! Here is the next-to-the-last arrow, Arrow #9:
Arrow #9
By now you should have the following information for each of the 9 arrows that have been in my Blog each day: a) what room is the arrow in? and b) what room does the arrow point to? If you have missed any of the arrows, all you have to do is scroll down my blog to see each of them.

After I post the final arrow tomorrow - Arrow #10 - then you can send your contest entry to me at You must have two correct answers for each of the 10 arrows for your entry to be eligible to win, so check your entry carefully. Each panda can only send in one entry, and you must send it from the email address that your account is registered to. You can read the rest of the rules here.

Hat Day is still going strong! I will visit once more at 5pm Pandanda Time today. Here are some pictures I took during my earlier visits: